Complete Link Building Strategy Gameplan

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing all use primarily link-based ranking algorithms, which means that links play a huge role in determining where your site ranks. Our Complete Link Building Strategy Gameplan shows you the link sources that will have the greatest impact on your rankings, as well as how to design your site so that it attracts links naturally. This report includes…

  • A complete analysis of who is currently linking to you and the impact (good or bad) that those links are having on your rankings.

  • A thorough evaluation of the links pointing to your competitors’ sites, as well as opportunities for you to garner those links for yourself.

  • A comprehensive review of the linking opportunities available to you from the most relevant and authoritative sites on the Internet.

  • Creation of 3 pages of highly-linkable content guaranteed to generate incoming links to your site.

  • Promotion of that content across multiple social media sites, guaranteed to bring in hundreds and often thousands of visitors.

The Complete Link Building Strategy Gameplan will tell you everything you need to know about who’s linking to you, who’s linking to your competition, and how to get the most important sites in your industry to link to your site, as well as content and social media promotion that will get your site seen by thousands of visitors.

Each report also includes an initial 30 minute phone call to discuss your goals, and a follow-up 1-hour phone consultation with one of our SEO experts to guide you in implementing and executing the strategies covered. If you prefer that we implement these strategies for you, be sure to contact us for a free quote.

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