Reputation Management Services

Do a quick search for your company name in Google. Do you like what you see? Hopefully you do, but you may find that the first page or two of Google’s results contain listings that are less than flattering.

How about social media? Do you know what’s being said about your brand on Twitter? If it’s good, you obviously want to encourage it, and it’s bad, you need to know how to address and resolve it without making it worse.

That’s where we come in. Kua Bay Media monitors mentions of your brand online: In the search results, on blogs and blog comments, and on Twitter and other social media sites to keep you informed about what’s being said about you online.

If you already have reputation problems arising in the search results, we’ll discreetly and effectively remove those results from the search engines so your customers will never find them. We’ll even practice defensive SEO to prevent such negative listings from appearing in the future.

To see what we can do for your business, contact us for a free custom quote.

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