Social Media Marketing

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing campaigns are designed to significantly increase the exposure of your site via the creation and promotion of viral content on your site, as well as through building powerful Twitter and Facebook profiles for your business, so that you can quickly and easily tap into a large audience whenever you want to promote any aspect of your site. To see how we can help you achieve optimal online visibility, contact us for a free custom quote.

Kua Bay Media focuses on creating quality content designed to attract attention and links (often referred to as “linkbait”) and promoting that content across the top social media sites. We develop content customized to each client’s niche, so that the content is both compelling and relevant to your site.

We then use the power user accounts we’ve established on the various social media sites to get that content seen by the widest audience possible. Of course, people must first find that content valuable in order for it to succeed, so our primary focus is always on content quality.

Upon implementing a Social Media Marketing and Marketing campaign you should see a marked jump in traffic almost immediately, but we always make clients aware that sustained results take time. Typically two to three months of regular social media promotion is required to build enough links to see a boost in your search engine rankings, and roughly the same amount of time (sometimes slightly longer) is required to build truly powerful Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is one of the quickest and lowest-cost ways to bring massive numbers of visitors to your site. While the majority of these visitors won’t actually buy anything, they provide significant indirect benefits, as many of those visitors will:

  • Link to your site, helping improve your rankings in the search engines.
  • Subscribe to your RSS feed.
  • Subscribe to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  • Retweet your content, helping expose it to even more people.

Besides improving your search rankings, Social Media Marketing provides a reliable way to get your message out to a vast group of people who are interested in what you have to say. When you have something interesting to say, Social Media Marketing virtually guarantees a responsive audience willing to listen.

Of course, effective Social Media Marketing requires a consistent and ongoing promotional and communications campaign. Hiring Kua Bay Media enables you to focus on your core business while we achieve the greatest possible results from your Social Media Marketing initiative.

To learn more about what we can do for your business, contact us for a free custom quote.

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